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Lessons from Zoopla and Papier | Areej AbuAli

Lessons from Zoopla and Papier | Areej AbuAli

A podcast that interviews SEOs who work in product and engineering teams to uncover actionable and practical advice on how to get things done.

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Areej AbuAli is the founder of Women in Technical SEO & an Independent SEO Consultant who has worked at companies like Zoopla and Papier.

Areej has a lot of experience working with tech teams, both agency and in-house. This conversation was so great because Areej has experience working in a marketing team at a large enterprise company and then moved into a Head of SEO role working inside a product team. We talked about her “night and day” experience of getting things done in both marketing and product teams.

In this podcast, we talked about:

  • How Areej started working in SEO

  • Getting Tech SEO Implemented using a bespoke framework

  • The experience with Terry the Product Manager

  • Getting tickets implemented in a marketing team with developers

  • How Areej learned to prioritise recommendations to tech teams ruthlessly

  • The reality of getting tech SEO implemented in an enterprise organisations

  • Getting buy-in at a large organisation

  • Working with tech teams to plan SEO recommendations

  • The move to Papier because the role was in a product team

  • The structure of the product team at Papier and how SEO sits in it

  • How SEO tickets were implemented and validated with the tech team

  • How to build trust in the team

  • How to add SEO recommendations to the product roadmap

  • The difficulty of needing work from marketing

  • Creating a team SEO slack channel for the whole team

  • Communicating the wins and shoutouts to the team

  • Being the only SEO in the product team

  • Planning, scoping and slicing SEO recommendations into tickets

  • Future-proofing websites and making them SEO-friendly

  • The power of retrospectives in tech teams

  • Why Tech SEOs should sit in the product and engineering team

  • Technical problems = people problems

  • 80% of your recommendations won’t get implemented, so keep focused

  • The three top skills to work effectively in product and engineering teams

In this podcast, we talked about:

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Areej’s recommended top three skills:

  1. Keep recommendations concise - Make sure that anything you communicate to the development team is clear, simple and easy to digest (tickets, emails, documents, etc.)

  2. Future-proof a website - Work with the tech team to build a functionality that solves problems at scale, not putting plasters on the website.

  3. Fight to move SEO into tech - When working in-house, fight and get buy-in to move the SEO team into the tech team (product and engineering).

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The SEO Sprint
🎙️ The SEO Sprint Podcast
Interviews with SEOs who work in product teams to uncover actionable and practical advice to help SEO teams work with product and development teams to get things done.